The hall had an ugly pipebox running down the upper part of the stair. It was a major job rerouting the pipes so that the pipebox could be removed.

This is the very ugly pipebox that runs down the side of the stairs and was enlarged when we had the new heating system installed. We figured out a way to reroute the pipes via old pipeboxes hidden in the walls so we can remove this eyesore.

The box is removed to reveal 4 copper pipes and a host of electrical wiring. The pipes will be completely rerouted and the electrical cables will be chased into the wall.

The heating and water pipes have been rerouted and the electrical cables are buried into the wall.

There were three layers of wall paper. The top paper can be seen in earlier pictures of the hall from the virtual tour before we slapped magnolia over it as a temporary improvement. This is the second layer, date is unknown. I might guess it would be from the 40s or 50s. The bottom paper appears to be a form of lining paper that has been painted over with a dark green seen on other pictures here. It exists only above the dado which appears to have been too high to have been the original Victorian dado height.

So where did the pipes go? There was evidence of a pipebox in the corner of the dining room that would feed up behind the panelling in the bathroom right up to the top floor. The box was exposed and found to be more than adequate to carry the heating pipes to the 1st floor and could also carry the hot and cold feeds to the bathroom. The pipes were all double insulated and secured in the pipebox. The box was closed again using plasterboard and given a skim of plaster.

What a mess! As a consequence of rerouting the pipes the WC is removed to enable the heating and water pipes to enter the first floor at the bathroom via the pipebox in the dining room. The pipebox up to the second floor can also be seen.