The hall and stairs project is split into a number of smaller projects. Not all of these are complete yet. At the moment the completed or in progress projects include. Redirecting the plumbing work, graining the doors, installing a dado (including wood bending), ornate plaster restoration and restoration of the stair case.

Plumbing involved the removal of a nasty looking pipe box and rerouting of water and heating pipes.

Graining had already been applied to the doors but is was old and chipped. All the woodwork is now being stripped and refinished with faux wood or marble. Here we show the wood graining process.

The dado rail was fitted and follows the exact curve of the stair!

Ornate moulded plaster has been used on the ceiling centre piece (rose) and on 4 corbles in the hall. They are caked in distemper and emulsion paint. Here is how to remove it.

The stairs including the handrail, balusters and all of the treads, risers and stringers are completely stripped and are being refinished.

Decorating the old way after stripping and restoration was the decorating in the traditional Victorian ways.

The windows are all original and mainly of a traditional sash and case design. According to some 'experts' they need ripping out, so being an amateur I deceide to restore them instead. After all they are only 125 years old and new windows seem to need replaced after just 10 years and look unsightly in a period property!

The piano is almost as old as the house and is similar in that it was generally in sound condition but in need to restoration. Phase one is complete but phase two can wait.

Grizzly, our Wemyss Cat